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Our Team

“Financial Siolutions Group ” (FSG) - Partner in accounting project management. In 2009 graduated from Caucasus School of Business – CSB (Caucasus university) Faculty of Business Administration, Bachelors degree. 11 years of work experience. In 2009 he started working as an Auditor Assistant in the Financial Solutions Group and participated in tax and accounting issues in client companies operating in various fields. Since 2011 has been working as an Assistant Accountant. Has participated in accounting projects of companies working in various fields. Since 2012 Shota has been supervising the tax and accounting direction of accounting projects. Since 2015 he has been leading accounting projects.

Shota Shermadini

Partner of the “Financial Solutions Group” (FSG). Graduated from the Agricultural University of Georgia, the Faculty of Economics, Finance and Banking specialty – with Bachelor’s Degree in 2001 and MBA in 2003. 19 years of experience. In 2001 he started as an assistant accountant in a Pharmaceutical company, and later was promoted to the Head accountant positon. Has been working in the “Financial Solutions Group” since 2005. His expertise is in Contractual liabilities and assets review, as well as tax and accounting issues in private companies. Since 2010, as a Head Expert he supervises the companies for tax purposes. Solomon has participated in Tax review of more than 300 companies. He takes part in tax dispute litigations on client companies’ behalf, as well as tax planning and revenue and expense budgeting. Solomon supervises tax and accounting matters during mergers and acquisitions. He also participated in the preparation of some companies for sale. Solomon provides company management services for start-ups, as well as developed companies, he acts as a Financial Manager in Client companies. Solomon is a Partner at FSG and is responsible for Tax issues in our client companies.

Solomon Kargadze – Tax Expert

Founding Partner of the “Financial Solutions Group” (FSG). Graduated from the Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, the Faculty of Economics, Finance and Banking specialty in 1994. 27 years of experience. Has worked in accounting and planning department of a Construction Company. From 1998 till 2001 worked in the “Sibley International” Project - Enterprise Accounting Reform in Georgia (GEAR). In this Project he participated as an accounting expert in the introduction of the International Financial Reporting Standards to the private sector companies in Georgia. His expertise was revision of the differences and similarities between Georgian Tax Legislation and International Financial Reporting Standards. In this project he acted as a Chief Expert and supervised the work of the Audit companies that were contracted by the “Sibley International”. He has been invited as an independent tax and accounting expert in Audit firms. In 2004 he founded an Audit and Consulting Company “Financial Solutions Group – FSG”. He advises start-up companies on designing tax, accounting and management systems. He also participates in the selection of accounting, tax and management staff. He consults companies on mergers and acquisition, liquidation and share sales for tax and accounting purposes. He supervises the tax and accounting processes for the companies for sale. He provides tax and financial planning, budgeting and subsequent budget supervision services for a verity of business sector companies, for start-up and the following stages. Davit is a crisis management expert and provides consulting services for different business sector companies in times of their crisis.

Davit Lomsadze – Crisis Manager